Try before you buy

Try before you buy

Our "try before you buy" license allows you to download, test and use our DotNetNuke modules for free, without any functional limitations. Once you have decided that the module meets your needs, you can buy it at SnowCovered.

What happens if I don't buy the software?

Your right to use the software before buying it is not time-limited, and the software is not functionally restricted in any way. The software does not display pop-up warnings or reminders (although a link back to this page is included in the help file, and on the options page).

Why should I buy the software?

Purchasing the software contributes to the cost of developing, maintaining and supporting it, and for new Inventua DotNetNuke product development.

How to Order

Inventua DNN components are available now at SnowCovered.  You should buy a license for each instance of DNN you have installed the module (or other component) into.

How to Download

You can download Inventua products for DotNetNuke from